Thurley group at University Hospital Bonn, Institute for Experimental Oncology (IEO)

Biomathematics - Systems Biology of Inflammation 

We investigate the regulation of immune responses by quantitative data analysis and mathematical modeling, in close collaboration with immuno-biologists and clinical scientists. 


We believe that a key to quantitative understanding of immune responses is cell-cell communication among immune cells.


We are an interdisciplinary group combining backgrounds in  (bio-)physics, biology, applied mathematics and statistics.
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All models are wrong, but some are useful (George Box, 1976).

Where we are

We are located at the Bonn Venusberg campus and part of the Institute for Experimental Oncology (IEO)

Visit us at German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin (DRFZ).

We are part of the Bonn-based Interdisciplinary Research Unit Mathematics and the Life Sciences (MLS).