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 Sieckmann K, Winnerling, Ribeiro D, Kardinal R, Steinheuer LM, Schermann G, Klausen C,  Blank-Stein N, Schulte-Schrepping J, Osei-Sarpong C, Becker M, Bonaguro L, Beyer M,  Thurley K, May-Simera HL, Zurkovic J, Thiele C, Ruiz de Almodovar C, Mass E, Wachten D. BBSome-dependent ciliary Hedgehog signaling governs cell fate in the white adipose tissue.

Horn V, Cancino C, Steinheuer K, Obermayer B, Fritz K, Nguyen AL, Plattner C, Bösel D, Burns M, Schulz AR, Mantzivi E, Lissner D, Conrad T, Mashreghi MF, Sonnenberg E, Beule D, Flatz L, TRR241 IBDome Consortium, Trjanoski Z, Weidinger C, Mei HE, Siegmund B, Thurley K, Hegazy AN. Multimodal profiling of peripheral blood identifies proliferating circulating effector CD4+ T cells as predictors for response to integrin α4β7-blocking therapy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Research articles - Systems Biology of Inflammation

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Brunner P, Kiwitz L, Li L, Thurley K. Diffusion-limited cytokine signaling in T cell populations. iScience 27:110134 (2024). 

Kwon G, Wiedemann A, Steinheuer LM, Stefanski AL, Szelinski F, Racek T, Frei AF, Hatje K, Kam-Thong T, Schubert D, Schindler T, Dörner T, Thurley K. Transcriptional profiling upon T cell stimulation reveals down-regulation of inflammatory pathways in T and B cells in SLEversus Sjögren’s syndrome. NPJ Syst Biol Appl 9:62 (2023).

Burt P and Thurley K. Distribution modeling quantifies collective TH cell decision circuits in chronic inflammation. Sci. Adv. 9, eadg7668 (2023).

Burt P, Peine M, Peine C, Borek Z, Serve S, Floßdorf M, Hegazy AN, Höfer T, Löhning M, Thurley K. Dissecting the dynamic transcriptional landscape of early T helper cell differentiation into Th1, Th2, and Th1/2 hybrid cells. Front Immunol 13:928018 (2022). 

Burt P, Cornelis R, Geißler G, Hahne S, Radbruch A, Chang HD, Thurley K. Data-Driven Mathematical Model of Apoptosis Regulation in Memory Plasma Cells. Cells 11:1547 (2022).

Cendón C, Du W, Durek P, Liu YC, Alexander T, Serene L, Yang X, Gasparoni G, Salhab A, Nordström K, Lai T, Schulz AR, Rao A, Heinz GA, Stefanski AL, Claußnitzer A, Siewert K,  Dörner T, ChangHD, Volk HD, Romagnani C, Qin Z, Hardt S, Perka C, Reinke S, Walter J,  Mashreghi MF, Thurley K*, Radbruch A*, Dong J*. Resident memory CD4+ T lymphocytes mobilize from bone marrow to contribute to a systemic secondary immune reaction. Eur J Immunol  0: 1–16  (*corresponding authors) (2022). 

Hammer Q, Rückert T, Borst EM, Dunst J, Haubner A, Durek P, Heinrich F, Gasparoni G, Babic M, Tomic A, Pietra G, Nienen M, Blau IW, Hofmann J, Na IK, Prinz I, Koenecke C, Hemmati P, Babel N, Arnold R, Walter J, Thurley K, Mashreghi MF, Messerle M, Romagnani C. Peptide-specific recognition of human cytomegalovirus strains controls adaptive natural killer cells. Nat Immunol. 19(5):453-63 (2018).

Thurley K, Wu LF, Altschuler SJ. Modeling Cell-to-Cell Communication Networks Using Response-Time Distributions. Cell Systems 6:355-367 (2018).

Thurley K, Gerecht D, Friedmann E, Höfer T. Three-Dimensional Gradients of Cytokine Signaling between T Cells. PLoS Comput Biol 11(4):e1004206 (2015).

Busse D, de la Rosa M, Hobiger K, Thurley K, Flossdorf M, Scheffold A, Höfer T. Competing feedback loops shape IL-2 signaling between helper and regulatory T lymphocytes in cellular microenvironments. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107:3058-63 (2010). 

Research Articles - previous research projects

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KT, Herbst C, Wesener F, Koller B, Wallach T, Maier B, Kramer A, Westermark PO. Principles for circadian orchestration of metabolic pathways. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 114(7):1572-77 (2017).

Diz-Muñoz A, Thurley K, Chintamen S, Altschuler SJ, Wu LF, Fletcher DA, Weiner OD. Membrane Tension Acts Through PLD2 and mTORC2 to Limit Actin Network Assembly During Neutrophil Migration. PLoS Biol 14(6):e1002474 (2016).

Ramirez M, Rajaram S, Steininger RJ, Osipchuk D, Roth MA, Morinishi LS, Evans L, Ji W, Hsu CH, KT, Wei S, Zhou A, Koduru PR, Posner BA, Wu LF, Altschuler SJ. Diverse drug-resistance mechanisms can emerge from drug-tolerant cancer persister cells. Nat Comm 7:10690 (2016).

Lück S*, KT*, Thaben PF, Westermark PO. Rhythmic protein degradation shapes temporal compartmentalization. Cell Rep 9(2):741-51 (*shared first authors)(2014). 

KT, Tovey SC, Moenke G, Prince VL, Meena A, Thomas AP, Skupin A, Taylor CW, Falcke M (2014). Reliable encoding of stimulus intensities within random sequences of intracellular Ca(2+) spikes. Sci Signal 7(331):ra59 (2014). 

Moenke G, Falcke M, KT. Hierarchic stochastic modeling applied to intracellular Ca(2+) signals. PLoS ONE 7: e51178. (2012). 

KT, Ian F Smith, Stephen C Tovey, Colin W Taylor, Ian Parker, Martin Falcke. Timescales of IP3-evoked Ca2+ spikes emerge from Ca2+ puffs only at the cellular level.  Biophys J 101:2638-44 (2011). 

KT and Falcke M. Derivation of Ca(2+) signals starting from puffs reveals that pathway function is robust against cell variability and sensitive for control. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108:427-432 (2011). 

Christine Nazaret, Margit Heiske, KT, Jean-Pierre Mazat. Mitochondrial energetic metabolism: a simplified model of TCA cycle with ATP production. J Theor Biol 258:455-64 (2009).

Review Articles

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Alexander Skupin and KT. Calcium signaling: From single channels to pathways.  Adv Exp Med Biol 740:531-51 (2012). 

 KT, Alexander Skupin, Rüdiger Thul, Martin Falcke. Fundamental properties of Ca(2+) signals. Biochim Biophys Acta 1820(8):1185-94 (2012).

 Rüdiger Thul, KT, Martin Falcke. Toward a predictive model of Ca2+ puffs. Chaos 19:037108 (2009)