We seek highly motivated students and scientists eager to work at the interface of immunology and quantitative disciplines. Our research includes fundemental questions such as the wiring and spatial arrangement of cell-cell communication networks, as well as quantitative data analysis and direct biological and clinical applications. We closely collaborate with wet-lab immunologists and clinical scientists. You are welcome to bring your own research interests, let us know how you may fit into our research program.

Lab members typically have a background in (bio-)physics or -mathematics; computer scientists, MD students, engineers and related are also welcome to apply.

Please include a resume and a short motivation letter, and contact
kevin.thurley at uni-bonn.de

International scholars 

We are eager to support exceptional PhD and postdoc candidates already in the application phase for funding such as DAAD and EU grants, or to advise on suitable opportunities. Please contact us and include a resume and a sketch of your research interests.

Student research projects

Msc and Bsc students as well as rotation students are always welcome. Projects typically include a combination of biological data analysis and mathematical modeling, and will be set up together with the applicant according to current developments in the group.